Hoochie Poochie Club

Hoochie Poochie Club offers one-on-one running sessions with your dog. This is a perfect solution for high energy pups, or dogs with anxiety. Our team provides you with a photo after each run with the stats including timing and distance covered.

Each running session begins with a 5-minute warm-up and ends with a 5-minute cool down so your dog has the opportunity to do their business.

Dog Running Pricing

35 minutes... $35.00 (Depending on the size and pace of your dog, this run varies from 2-3 miles)

50 minutes... $45.00 (Depending on the size and pace of your dog, this run varies from 3-4 miles)

Have 2 dogs in your household? Add $15.00/per run to add the second dog

*Prices do not reflect 8.8875% NYS Sales Tax

What our clients have to say...

"We feel really lucky to have found a great outlet for Otis and his terrier energy. He loves the running service and getting a chance to run outside not only gives him a chance to get exercise, but the focused training has really helped him be much more relaxed and happy overall. We feel good knowing he's cared for and looked after by the Hoochie Poochie team, they are the best!" -Jolene D., Upper West Side

"Running + One-on-one attention = A  healthy, tired Twain + A happy owner! These sessions both perfectly complement play group and are great on their own. Megan is yet another example of Hoochie Poochie’s top-notch, dog-loving team!" -Vicky G., Upper East Side

"Our pup is a Rat Terrier mix and he has a lot of energy that can manifest in anxiety. Running with Megan 3xs a week has made him a more fit and relaxed dog. Both he and we are grateful for his runs." -Lara R., Midtown West