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At the Hoochie Poochie Club, our team members embody the club's ten core values:

1.) Expect change and thrive on adapting

2.) Listen

3.) Be confident, yet remain humble

4.) Honesty is the only policy

5.) Turn negative thoughts into positive actions

6.) Challenge yourself to raise your standard today from yesterday through your service

7.) Maintain a playful sense of humor and be able to laugh at yourself

8.) Keep your physical, mental, and spiritual self healthy and strong

9.) Create lasting, positive impressions in your community

10.) Say 'Thank You'

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We are a boutique pet care company, servicing the luckiest dogs of NYC. Our specialty is a 3-hour outdoor play group.


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Hoochie Poochie Club

Safety is our #1 Priority

Hoochie Poochie Club treats your dog like family. Our team members sign a contract which states they will not be distracted by cell phones or any electronic device, including headphones while leashes are in hand. Our focus is 100% on your dog.

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Monday - Friday:

9 a.m.- 6 p.m.