Hoochie Poochie Club specializes in outdoor doggie play group. We also offer a puppy program, and overnight dog-sitting.

Play Group Rates:

(3-hour session)
Play Group is our most popular service! For more details and FAQ's, click here.
  1-4 days/week ... $48.00/day

5 days/week (Monday-Friday) ... $43.00/day 

*Prices do not include 8.875% NYS Sales Tax

Please note, we require a set/weekly consistent schedule for our playgroup program.

 Do you have 2 dogs in your household? The play group rate for 2 dogs is $38.00/per dog per day, 
        and there is no minimum for the amount of days they need to attend to receive this rate.

*Pricing does not include 8.8875% NYS sales tax

Overnight Dog Sitting
$80.00/night (Monday-Friday)
$110.00/night (Saturday & Sunday)

(ADD $30/night for an additional dog in the household)

We offer personalized overnight dog care where a member of our team stays in your apartment with your dog. This way, your dog can stay in its familiar and comfortable surroundings rather than a stressful kennel environment.

Monday-Friday Overnight Sitting: This covers an early evening arrival (between 4-6 p.m., depending on your sitter's schedule that particular day) and includes:

*30-minute early evening walk
*15-minute relief walk prior to bed time
*Overnight stay in your home with lots of one-on-one attention and cuddles!
*Feeding/Breakfast the following morning
*30-minute early morning walk prior to departure (departure around 8-10 a.m., depending on your sitter's schedule that day)

During Monday-Friday overnight stays, mid-day playgroups are not included and will need to be scheduled as usual.

Saturday & Sunday overnight sitting: This overnight rate covers up to 24 hours of care (so noon time Saturday through noon time Sunday for example) and is an "all inclusive" rate that covers:

*Three 30-minute walks throughout the day (morning, afternoon, evening) and pre-bed quick relief walk.
*All necessary feeding and medications
*Overnight stay in your home with lots of one-on-one time and cuddles!

Please note our cancellation policy for Overnight Sitting: Any cancellation made with less than 48 hours notice will incur a $30.00 charge. Any cancellation made with less than 24 hours notice will be charged in full for the first night of the reservation. Hoochie Poochie Club also has a strict policy that our team member will be the only person staying in your home during the overnight stay, out of respect for their privacy and comfort level.

Our overnight sitting service is only available to Hoochie Poochie Club clients who have a consistent weekly schedule with us.


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